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i'm moving blogs!

i’ve been on this blog for 3+ years and i think it’s time for a change! 

if we mutually follow one another now, you’re welcome to follow me to my new blog but you’re not obligated to! i know that my fandoms/blog content has changed a lot over time and i know a lot of people who were in comic book fandom with me still follow me and i must post nothing that interests them now and that’s okay!! this also goes for people i know irl who are following me because i know i must post shit that no one cares about.

i plan on writing images descriptions on this new blog, if that’s something to matters to people (i don’t actually know if anyone reads them or finds them useful.) 

Anyways, this blog is done and it’s had a good run but it’s time for something new. 


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[Image: A full color image of Naoto sitting on top of crossdressing Yu.]


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[Image: A full color image of Yu and Yosuke lying on the ground together, looking beat up. They’re both smiling and touching their fists together.]


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[Image: A full color image of Yousuke and Jiraiya.]


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HD SCANS from the PERSONA 4 Artbook

P3 Artbook [x]

[Image: A photoset of official Persona 4 art.]

(Source: xeo-apple)

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[Image: A full color image of Madoka smilin.g]

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[Image: A full color image of Kanji holding a bag of yarn.]


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by 254

[Image: A full color image of Teddie and Nanako under Teddie’s zip off head.]

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[Image: A full color image of the investigation team with their personas.]


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imagenotmikey answered your questionIdk what to draw….. give me dang romps ideas or…



[Image: A full color image of Naegi being grabbed on by Togami and Kirigiri.]