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[Image description: Three comic panels— all are of Donna Troy and Koriand´r changing into their swim suits. Donna is wearing a green robe, and Kory is nude but holding a red bikini in her hands. She’s turned away from us so we can only see her fabulous hair and her legs.]

Narrator: Dick Grayson and Gar Logan make their way to the Olympic size swimming pool, while in the nearby pool lockers…
Kory: Wonder Girl, I still don’t understand… why I am supposed to wear… this?! It certainly can’t be for protection. Does it posses any special properties?
Donna: Yep. It’ll keep the guys from going insane when they see you. Trust me, Starfire.
Kory: Please, call me Koriand’r. That’s my real name. 
Donna: Only if you call me Donna. Anyway, on this planet, you’ve got to wear clothing.
Kory: I don’t understand why, but if you say so, I will do it.  

New Teen Titans #2

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    Can we go back to these Teen Titans days? Hilariously fun.
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    I almost didn’t reblog this because I KNOW I’ve had these panels on here a bunch before, but TOO BAD.
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    For anyone who wonders why her superhero outfit is so tiny and bathingsuit-like, it’s because Starfire’s idea of a...
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    [Image description: Three comic panels— all are of Donna Troy and Koriand´r changing into their swim suits. Donna is...
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    ilu Kory!
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    When Donna and Kory were alone together for the first time ever, Kory flashed Donna her naked body because she didn’t...
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