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[Image description: A pokemon line up for a young Elliott! Compete with a photo of Elliott and a tiny pokemon sprite version of her.]

Basically, when I was a kid this would have been my dream team.

Eevee: My favourite pokemon of all time!
Butterflies are my favourite animals.
I spent a lot of time in my youth sitting in the corner of elementary school playground or behind my nanny’s house digging holes. And Sandslash is a badass. 
Dratini: Total cutie + the mystique of dragon types. 
One of the prettiest pokemon from the original 150.

  1. cravaterie said: ughhh you’re so cuuuute let me hug you
  2. dualitier said: I love how you were a sassy little thing. and now you are a sassy grown thing. <3
  3. oblonskysbutdead said: omg elliot you were(are) the cutest, sassiest thing ever. look at those eyebrows. look at that smirk. look at them pokemon.
  4. withthesecinderedbones said: You were seriously adorable. And you look ready to kick ass in this picture - always a plus.
  5. fuckyeahmagnus said: AW YEAH, GEN 1 IS STILL THE BEST!
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