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[Image: A pokemon team for Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura.]

Escavailer: "brave and will face against any challenge even if in trouble"
Mightyena: Syaoran’s name means “little wolf” + they’re very loyal.
(Shiny) Espeon: Green is Syaoran’s favourite colour + Espeon looks a lot like the DASH card, which is one of my favourite episodes in which Syaoran earns the card.
Luxray: Tell me this isn’t the THUNDER card. Tell me. You’d be lying. + “Luxray are extremely vicious and predatorial, although when tamed and trained correctly they can become very loyal and faithful, protecting their Trainer from danger.” oh come on. 
Medicham: For Meiling! 
Teddiursa: For Sakura!

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